The explosive book reveals an extensive list of world issues, ranging from environmental degradation, Many pandemics, corrupting technologies, as well as Prophesies, 

solutions to these problems.

The Global Situation

Read and reflect on the realities facing humankind, and then act and fight for a better, more united world.

What are the most serious issues that the world is facing? Is there some sort of a Holocaust taking place? Why does piracy still exist? What do people need to know about rapeseed oil, MSG, and artificial food coloring? Quinton Douglas Crawford answers and reveals all these, plus other global issues, in his book “The Global Situation” (Readersmagnet; 2021).

“The Global Situation” discusses and offers solutions explains, and offers solutions to pressing global issues, such as global warming, piracy, decline and extinction of certain flora and fauna, global anti-justice, modern slavery of Africans, mental illness, modern oppression of Natives, female genital mutilation, violence in schools, and child abuse, to name a few. Crawford also tackles the various doomsday scenarios that could spell the end of humankind, such as pandemics, nuclear war, race war, and the most expected asteroid impact event within 30 years.

“This 470-page book will enlighten, inform, and inspire you to read it,” says the author, “and share the new information as we walk through this time of crisis. It may be impossible for some to put it down once you start reading it.”

Know where the world stands in the various global issues. “The Global Situation” by Quinton Douglas Crawford will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and as an e-book.

The Global Situation

Author | Quinton Douglas Crawford
Published date | April 2021
Publisher | Readersmagnet
Paperback price | $66.78

Author Bio

Quinton Douglas Crawford is a freelance writer, author, teacher, and organization leader with over fifteen years of professional experience. He takes part in many local cultural, social justice, environmental, and educational programs in and out of the country. He loves to contribute to the positive formation of a better present and future. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Chapman University and held CBEST, CSET, and TESOL certifications. He had served as a volunteer teacher trainer for IFESH, an NGO in Ghana, a primary English teacher in China, and an organizer for many progressive campaigns from the 2016-2020 elections. He has experience in public speaking, conducting workshops, and hosting local television author interviews for regional authors and activists. He is also an author of a children’s book, “Moochie The Soochie Visits the Peace People,” and a non-fiction book, “Knowledge for Tomorrow: A Summarized Commentary of World History, Nature, Health, Religion, Organized Crime, and Inspiration for the Youth.”

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