This book will be displayed and presented at the 2021 Virtual New York Book Fair, 2021 Virtual London Book Fair, Late 2021 2nd Festival of Storytellers

“Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People” by Quinton Douglass Crawford is a cute little story for kids. Moochie loves to travel and she has this ability to travel back and forth through time. She is against war and believes that everyone in the world should live in peace. She travels a lot and can speak and read many languages. Moochie can also play many songs and she hates words relating to war and hatred. The story takes readers to different parts of the world and gives them a peek into the lives of different people in different places. The book teaches kids some words in other languages and it is indeed an exciting journey.

It is an informative and educational book as it teaches kids new ideas, concepts and one or two basic words from each language. It is an inspirational book for both parents and children. Parents can use it as a bedtime story because it is educational and has some good thoughts, with inspirational and motivational messages. Moochie sees the anger, frustration and greed that exist in society and dreams of a world which has new forests and clean oceans. It is ideal for school libraries as children learn a lot by reading about Moochie and her quest for world peace. She realizes that peace and freedom exist in places where women are respected. Moochie likes to have only places of peace, not war.
Immerse yourself in the inspirational, child-friendly literature of Quinton Douglass Crawford by supporting his book “Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People” by attending its launch this July 22nd to 26th, 2020 at the 2020 Book Expo New Title Showcase, or purchase a Kindle or paperback copy of it on Amazon.

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