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Questions: Why are there so many problems on our world? Are the children of the world going to be okay? What about the other holocausts! Why is everyone getting so sick? If there is so much money in the world, why are there poor people? Why are so many things called conspiracies? Was it always like this? Have today’s musical arts benefited anyone? Who are the heroes of today, and what should we believe for life & death? What are some ways to fix our world?

This book is designed to assist you in answering these and other questions. It is a compilation of a few months of research. Some questions have been left open for you to answer, or may be included in another book.


Have today’s musical arts benefited anyone?

Who are the heroes of today, and what should we believe for life & death?

What are some ways to fix our world?

Book Reviews

This book is my bible. Simply the best book ever written
– Jman606, Amazon customer

A great piece and a great value. You cannot go wrong.
– Jynxx25, Amazon customer

Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People

Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People is a children’s book designed to take children on an enlightening journey through world history to visit historical figures and cultures on every continent in times of peace. Among what will be learned are common words from 14 languages.

The book has two parts:
Part-1: Moochie travels the world and learns greetings in several languages from every populated continent.
Part-2: Moochie is a children’s character that travels through human history to find people in times of peace.

Book Reviews

I got a hard copy of this book from a store and I loved it. The empowerment it carries and the silent cry for gender and racial equality just awoke a new inspiration within me. The author’s advocacy stands out in such a harmless way. I would definitely read this book over and over again just to keep drawing inspiration from it even as I introduce it to my little girl. We honestly need more books like this that shape our children’s minds into integral beings.
– Donna

A great children’s book. Lovely work.
– Jynxx25, Amazon customer


I shall return when there is peace again.
When studying world history ask the questions: Who were the women in leadership?
What was the relationship with nature?


The Global Situation book examines current events, histories, and the potential future. This is designed to help you explore causes of various world problems, including modern slavery, beauty confusion, pandemics, passive genocide, chronic disease solutions, global recessions, disrespect for nature. The book also offers insight on spirituality, education reform, prophesies, and cases for world peace.

Book Reviews

A great read and interesting insight from a good scholar.
– Jynxx25, Amazon customer


We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future.

Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life. The forces of nature make existence a demanding and uncertain adventure, but Earth has provided the conditions essential to life’s evolution.

The dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species.

Autobiography of quinton douglas crawford

Authobiography of Quinton Douglas Crawford This autobiography lists many of the interesting life events which are considered major and minor instances that defined his life so far. The author selected which led to a more meaningful, coherent story for the reader. Lives are filled with many big events, but not everyone can be discussed fully in a synopsis. A lesson to others is to consider summing up these events by choosing which tells your life story as coherently and clearly as possible.


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